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UGACOF Coffee Processing Plant Enhancement




We are delighted to share our latest accomplishment, a remarkable collaboration with UGACOF, a distinguished coffee processor and exporter in Uganda.

UGACOF’s reputation as a leader in the coffee industry is unparalleled, with a deep understanding of both local and international markets. Their facilities in Kampala are equipped with extensive processing and warehousing capacity, while their collection centers span across Uganda’s major coffee-producing regions.

For over nine months, our dedicated team has been hard at work, executing a diverse range of civil works in an ambitious industrial construction project. The goal? To enhance UGACOF’s coffee handling and processing capabilities at their cutting-edge plant situated in the Bweyogerere Industrial Area.

Our assignment was multifaceted, addressing key elements crucial to UGACOF’s operations. We provided essential support for AGCE works, which involved the construction of support base slabs and the creation of a protective shed over the scales. This not only ensures the structural integrity of their weighing systems but also enhances operational efficiency.

Our civil works extended to the construction of bases for Husk storage, Rotary dryers, and vital repairs to floor screed, guaranteeing a seamless workflow within the facility. We also focused on silos and food-grade flooring, applying Sikagard for a sanitary and durable environment.

To further enhance the functionality of the facility, we constructed a canopy over the dust box area and installed doors and stairs for accessibility. We also created cubicles and implemented ventilation solutions in the new mill, ensuring an optimized work environment.

Notably, we installed translucent sheeting, allowing natural light to flood the workspace, creating an efficient and environmentally conscious solution.

This project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. At Century Investors, we take great pride in our role as an enabler of progress, and this collaboration with UGACOF embodies our dedication to enhancing infrastructure for businesses in Uganda’s thriving coffee sector.

Join us on this journey where precision meets innovation, shaping the future of coffee processing and export. Together, we are creating a world-class facility that will continue to elevate Uganda’s position as a leader in the global coffee industry.



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