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About Us

Over 20 Years In Uganda's Construction Industry!

About Us

Over 20 Years In Uganda's Construction Industry!

Our Story

Who We Are When We Started What Drives Us .

Discover Who We Are When We Started What Drives Us

Century Investors (U) Limited (CIL) is a Ugandan-owned construction company incorporated in February 2000.

For over 20 years, we have undertaken a broad range of projects ranging from residential to industrial construction with clients varying from private citizens to multi-national companies.

We consider every project as unique, thus ensure to match our work arrangements to your preferences, targets, and specific interests.
With 2 decades of continuous improvement, our processes and delivery methods have proven satisfactory to clients – That’s how come a commendable number of our clients are return contracts and referrals.

Our compelling target is to be the company that you think of when you, your friends, family or work place have something that needs to be built within Uganda.

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Est. 18th Feb, 2000
0 + Years
Our strength is our ability to form a credible team that can execute your project's tasks.
We emphasize teamwork with all the parties involved.
Our professionalism compels us to go the extra mile to achieve the desired goals and ensure you get value for money.
Honesty and integrity are our hallmark. We don't anticipate that you will have any more suspicion-filled thoughts about your construction project.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and we don't shy away from it.
CIL endeavours to think out of the box and innovate to provide practical solutions to your project's challenges.
We employ strict quality management mechanisms to ensure longevity, aesthetic relevance and best value for money in your projects.

Our Aim

To be the standard for cost-effective, well-thought-out construction solutions in the region, providing quality solutions for all project sizes.

What Construction Solutions Do We Offer?

Almost every sphere of life benefits from the construction industry – education, hospitality, industries, offices, etc.
At Century Investors, all the construction services we offer can be classified into three:

Project & Construction Management

When you need something built but can’t thoroughly oversee your project, call us.

Fitting to your particular need, Century Investors will dive into the action and effectively steer your project the way you want it to go.


From project feasibility studies, procurement of architectural and engineering design services, project/construction cost estimation, production of Bills Of Quantities & procurement of materials and contractors, supervision and management of works…


We carry your project forward till you say, “That’s enough. I’m satisfied.”

General Construction

There’s always something new to build or something old to fix.
Whichever end your need may lie, CIL is still the one on whom you can rely.


We offer General Construction services, Steel Fabrication & Erection, Water & Sanitation works, Electrical Installation works, Swimming Pool Design & Construction, Road & Paving works, etc.


Whatever your need, we can most likely build it.


Sometimes you need a trusted source of objective, dependable feedback and guidance on your construction project.


You can talk to us.


We undertake engineering and architectural design consultancy, building cost consultancy and even take on turn-key projects.

Our Team

You can only have peace of mind when you know that your construction project lies in the safe, experienced hands of professionals that you can trust.

For all the services we provide, we work with teams of technicians and artisans who are available for deployment according to the requirement of a project.
We harness our close liaison with numerous Architects, Engineers and other Specialist Professionals in the execution of all our work.

Through it all, there is a core team that coordinates and directs our work for you.

Joseph Oryang


A professional Civil Engineer with 32 years of hands on engineering design, construction and project management experience.
Eng. Oryang is the face of our company, and ultimately heads all aspects of Century Investors' Operations.

Winnie Akumu


Winnie is a young and thorough business professional who runs our Admin Department.
She's the engine that keeps our office and business moving!

James Okello

Design & Survey

Eng. James will often be seen busy on his computer. It's not YouTube videos...
He has 6 years of valuable experience in the fields of structural design, geodetic surveying, construction management and quantity survey work

Ronald Sebaana


He is an accounts professional with over 25 years of experience. He handles the company accounts and returns.

David Oryang

HR & Marketing

David works behind the scenes to run our website and online profiles, as well as leading our recruitment processes.
He leads our HR and Marketing Departments.

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Century Investors (U) Ltd
Engineering, Construction & Project Management